List of 14 Punctuation Marks?


The fourteen punctuation marks are as follows: the parenthesis (), the colon (:), the semi-colon (;), the comma (,), the period (.), the question mark (?), the quotation mark (''), the apostrophe ('), the hyphen (-), the em dash (--), the exclamation point (!), the ellipsis (...), brackets ([...], {...}) and the slash (/). Lists vary. And whether or not fourteen completes the list is debatable.
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comma, period, colon, semi-colon, quotation marks, parentheses, brackets, braces, question mark, exclamation point, elipses, hyphen, dash, apostrophe.
I would think that the comma would be required. A similar grammatical situation occurs in the use of and e.g. and i.e. "I prefer Elizabethan tragedy, e.g. HAMLET and OTHELLO.
There are 14 punctuation marks in English grammar. Master them all and. well, you've mastered punctuation! 1. The Semi-Colon. 2. The Comma. 3. The Full Stop. 4. The Colon. 5. Quotation
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