List of Animals That Sweat?


According to, all male and female mammals have sweat glands. The list of animals that sweat include the American badger, American marten, Arctic fox, black bear, black-footed ferret, bobcat, cat, cheetah, common gray fox, common hog-nosed skunk, common raccoon, coyote, dog, fisher, giant panda, gray wolf, grizzly bear, jaguar, kit fox, least weasel, lion, long-tailed weasel, lynx, meerkat, mountain lion, Northern river otter, ocelot, polar bear, red fox, red wolf, and a sea otter. Many do not consider that animals sweat, but upon reflecton can recall thier dog panting, or an animal finding shade on a hot day.
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Horses, dogs, and cats sweat. Horses sweat visibly, cats and dogs sweat through there paws. Dog have sweat glands under there arms. Pigs do not sweat, they have to lay in water and
Flamingoes. Interestingly, they're actually naturally blue. They sweat a <i>lot</i>
Several species of rhinoceros are endangered, but the Javan rhino is one of the most endangered species in the world, with less than 60 thought to be alive today. In the past 60 years
There is a great discussion on this broad topic in the book Born to Run by Chris McDougall. This is a really interesting read and weaves a great story with specific sections on science
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