List of Carnivorous Animals?


Carnivorous animals eat other animals. Many times they will eat animals that are herbivores though they can also eat other omnivores and other carnivores. An omnivore eats both plants and animals. Humans are omnivores. Bears are on the list of carnivorous animals. The Kodiak Bear and the polar bear are both on the list. Other animals that are carnivores include tigers, lions, jaguar, hyena, wolf, dogs and panthers. Though dogs may seem like they would be omnivores, in the wild they would be carnivores.
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Carnivores are meat eaters they are different from herbivores, omnivores, and scavengers.
Trophic level ( is a good way to explain the relationship between carnivores and herbivores. Plants (and algae and other autotrophs) produce the
Once an animal is on the Endangered Species list, protective measures are put in place for the species and its habitat. These include protecting the animal from hunting or selling
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Herbivores are animals that eat plants only while carnivore eats meats only and omnivores eat both plant and animals. Some animals that are herbivore are deer ...
Carnivore is a noun with several different meanings. Firstly, a carnivore is simply an animal that eats flesh. Some examples of carnivores include dogs, cats, ...
Monkeys are not Carnivores as they eat vegetation. They sometimes kill small animals and other monkeys if they are engaged in territorial hustles and fights over ...
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