List of Cough Syrups Containing Codeine?


Phenegren is one cough syrup that contains codeine. Codeine is an opiate used because of its sedative and hypnotic properties. It is also found in opium.
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Some OTC cough syrups contain codeine, but not many and it's in doses so small
Codeine is prescription only in the United States.
One reason is that the ingredients that go into the cough syrup can often have very poor solubility. Dextromethorphan (a cough suppressant) is a great example, it doesn't dissolve
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Robitussin Ac contains 10 mg of Codeine in each 5 ml. Promethazine/Codeine is a prescription cough syrup that treats most common colds with a cough. ...
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The codeine cough syrup that is used to treat coughs and sores. Almost every cough medicine contains codeine. It can cause dizziness and tiredness when being used ...
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