List of Cultural Food?


When food is native to an area, that is considered cultural food. Every country has their own cultural foods. Each country will have a list of their own cultural foods. Cultural foods from Mexico include enchiladas, tortillas, and salsa. Some American cultural foods would include hamburgers, hot dogs, and Thanksgiving dinner. Italian cultural foods include antipasto, polenta, and pasta. German cultural foods include wiener schnitzel, goulash, and schweinbraten. Armenian cultural foods include; putuk, kufta, and chechil.
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1. Find out what region of India the dish you want to prepare is from, for this will determine the major ingredients used. There are four major culinary regions - North, South, East
cultural food habits are foods that are made in that country and your home food.example)Italy made the first pizza.
I would agree that Thailand has one of the strongest street food cultures, but that does not mean street food culture is lacking in the Philippines. Check out the following two links
1. Identify the type of food that you want to eat. The food lists are divided according to type of food. For instance, you will see lists including breakfast food, soup, side dishes
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