What is a list of Dairy Queen Blizzards?


There are about 25 different flavors of Dairy Queen Blizzards. A list of some of the flavors includes, Oreo Cookies, Snickers, Banana Cream Pie, and Midnight Truffle. Dairy Queen also sells a variety of different waffle cones and sundaes.
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Candy Cravers are the most popular Blizzards sold at Dairy Queen. Vanilla or chocolate ice cream is combined with candy pieces from Heath bars, M&Ms, Snickers, Butterfingers or
1 Take a small blizzard cup and fill it half way up with ice cream. Ad 2 Then in any order you put in one pump of hot fudge, one pump of marshmallow, one scoop of Oreo, and one scoop
It has coconut, bananas and pecans.
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