What are some examples of derogatory words?


Derogatory words are words that are insulting. They are used to degrade and demean a person. A list of derogatory words will often include insults based on race and gender. You also see words that insult one's physical appearance or metal health. Dumb, stupid, ugly, fat, and hideous are all derogatory words. Sometimes derogatory words are used to point out one's economic status as well. One thing that all derogatory words have in common is their ability to hurt and humiliate a person.
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derogatory words for men.
Skip/Skippy is a derogatory term for an Australian. away!
1. Create an acronym using the first letter of each word in your list. "ROY G BIV" is a classic example. Each letter stands for a visible color in a rainbow: Red, orange
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