List of Input Devices?


An input device is most often found in computing. It is a device that has a peripheral piece of computer hardware that is used to provide control signals and data to an information processing system. These systems include a computer and other informational appliances. A list of input devices include keyboards, mouse, scanners, digital cameras, and joysticks. The devices are often classified according to the modality of input or the motion, audio and visual aspect, if the input is continuous or discrete, and the number of degrees of freedom involved for the device.
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There are various computer input devices. These devices allow for the user to tell the computer what exactly to do. For example, the keyboard and mouse are input devices.
An input device is anything which you plug into your computer that sends information to it such as: Keyboard, Mouse, joystick.
1. Click "Start, the arrow to the right of "Shutdown" and then click "Restart" to restart your computer. Sometimes a simple restart will fix problems. 2.
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As far as I know an input device is anything that puts information into your computer, laptop, MP3 player, or other device. The most common input devices are keyboards ...
An input device is a hardware device that is used to send data to a computer. Some of the input devices include a barcode reader, a digital camera, a gamepad, ...
In the computing world, an input device is any type of peripheral used to input data and control signals into a processing system such as a computer or appliance ...
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