What is a list of natural resources in Canada?


A natural resource is something that occurs naturally within a specific environment. It is generally not disturbed by mankind and takes on a natural form. It is characterized by the amount of biodiversity and geodiversity in various ecosystems. A natural resource is essential to our survival to satisfy our needs. Every man made product is a product of a natural resource in some way. A list of natural resources found in Canada are energy, minerals, metals and forests.
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Lumber, fish, oil, hydro, electricity, meat, Ect.
Canada's natural resources include energy, forests, minerals and me...
"Canada is the US's largest foreign supplier of energy, including oil, gas, uranium, and electric power" https://www.cia.gov/library/publications…. "iron ore
Canada has oil, gas, uranium, and electric power. In fact, it is the US's largest foreign supplier of energy.
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The natural resources of Canada include: iron ore, nickel, zinc, copper, gold, lead, molybdenum, potash, diamonds, silver, fish, timber, wildlife, coal, petroleum, natural gas, hydropower.
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