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Office equipment may also refer to office supplies. These supplies are regularly used in offices by business personnel. Office supplies may include small items such as paper clips and post int notes or larger items such as fax machines photo copiers, and cash registers. There are other businesses that focus on the need for copying and printing to take those types of supplies out of the office to save money and direct business to them. A list of office equipment includes staples, hole punchers, binders, staplers, laminators, writing utensils, paper, computers, fax machines, tables, chairs, desks, cubicals and file cabinets.
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Following are some office equipments. PC. Laptops. Printers. Photocopier. Furniture. Chairs. Tables. freezer.
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Staples - $$
21060 Southbank St, Sterling, VA
(703) 406-3270
Office Depot - $$
46301 Potomac Run Plz, Sterling, VA
(703) 421-4722
Ace Photo - $$
44710 Cape Ct, Ashburn, VA
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2722 Connecticut Ave, Washington, DC
(202) 469-1924
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