What is a list of opposite words?


Opposite words are found in lexical semantics. The words have similar meanings but mean something different. An opposite word often can be paired with another word. An example for an opposite word could be male and female. Although we know they are different we also know they both mean a human being. To determine an opposite word you have to ask the question of what is the opposite of the word. A list of opposite words may include, male, female, long, short, precede, follow, sit, and stand
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Competent is the antonym of inept. Inept means that something or someone is not able to perform something because they do not have the skill.
1. Go to the homepage for Thesaurus.com (see Resources) 2. Type the word into the text box at the top of the homepage. 3. Click "Search. 4. Scroll down the next Web page until
The opposite of sin is virtue. Seven deadly sins, seven cardinal virtues. Embed Quote
willingly Eagerly.
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