What is a list of pageant interview questions?


A list of pageant interview questions may include topics related to society, a problem that needs addressing or a contestant's interests, experiences and viewpoints. Some questions are more common than others, and typical responses can be practiced before the interview to increase the competitor's chances of responding articulately.

The Miss and Teen Jacksonville USA Pageant website lists dozens of questions a potential contestant may be asked. Topics include current events, sources of inspiration, community service, personal or individual choices, family and children's issues, media, government and even questions about beauty pageants. Situational or "What would you do?" questions may also be asked.

During the 2005 Miss Florida Teen USA pageant, teens were asked to give their opinions on topics such as government versus private funding, favorite types of activities or hobbies and the lessons they learned from giving back to the community through volunteerism.

Beauty pageant contestants are advised to answer questions confidently and articulately while separating fact from opinion, according to Pageant Planet. In addition to a good speech, body language is also important. This includes having good posture, a winning smile and eye contact with the judges. Interview sessions with a candidate can count for as much as 30 percent of the total score.

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