What is a list of red meats?


Red meat is generally raw meat that is not cooked and red in color. Red meat is used as a culinary term. Red meat comes from most adult animals and some birds such as ducks. In gastronomy red meat is a darker-colored meat. The definition will vary by culture, place and time. Meat from young animals is considered white meat. A list of red meats include fillet mignon, t-bone, sirloin, porterhouse, seven steak, flank steak, shoulder steak, round steak, brisket, rib steak, kidney, liver, heart, tongue, and cheek meat.
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Red meat has heme in it, which is the same chemical that makes your blood red. When your body breaks heme down, DNA is affected; this can result in cell multiplication, which is cancer
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Red meat can broadly be defined as any of the four footed animals flesh. E.G) Mutton, Beef, Camel, Venison etc. White meat is Chicken, fish, duck, pigeon etc. Im not too sure about
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