List of Slavic Countries?


A list of Slavic countries would include Russia, the Ukraine, Croatia, and Serbia. This is a group of people primarily spread throughout Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe as well as North and Central Asia. They speak the Indo-European Slavic language which is basically the same but may differ slightly depending on region. As of 2013, there are about 400 million people classified as Slavs in the world, putting them at fourth in a ranking of panethnicities in the world.
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None of them is rich, but Slovenia is the prosperous.
You can find a list of countries on a map or globe. You can also find a list of countries online on various websites or in an Encyclopedia.
Slavic countries include the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia,
1. Scan the airwaves for local country radio stations. Note their contact information and call them, or visit their Web sites. You may be able to get festival information from these
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