List of States West of the Mississippi River?


The Mississippi river is the longest river in the United States. The states west of the river are Louisiana, South Dakota, Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri, and Iowa. The river runs through Minnesota so only part of that state is west of it.
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South Dakota. :)
The Mississippi River runs through Minnesota, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Iowa, Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky.
About half the states in our country are located west of the
I don't think the schools teach Geography anymore. I read that 60 % of high school grads couldn't find New York on a map. And only 9 % could find Iraq.
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a lot but directly west are these states: Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana ...
There are 24 states west of the Mississippi river, as Mississippi River is often referenced as the easternmost possible boundary of The West. ...
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