List of Things Made of Iron?


Iron is very common and is used in a variety of things around the house. A list of things made of iron would include nails, cans, refrigerators, cars, and cooking pans. Actually it is quite common to have cooking pots pans made out of cast iron. A cast iron skillet, for example, never wears out and requires minimal care. You should cure it with cooking oil prior to the first use and after that you can normally just wipe it down with soapy water, rinse, and dry to await the next use.
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Some things made of iron are horseshoes, iron-rimmed wagon wheels, bridges, trains, and
Magnets, Most of the core of the earth,
Not to many things are made of only Iron. Closest is probably cast items such as a cast iron skillet or such. Mostly iron is used with other metals to make things like steel (which
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