List of World Leaders?


There are many different countries in the world, and they all have their own leaders. Any current list of world leaders would probably be outdated very quickly. At any one time, there would be changes in political office-holders.
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When people speak of the world leaders they are usually referring to the leaders of certain powerful countries. The leaders of Russia and the United States are usually included.
1. Load "World of Warcraft" and sign on as the character you wish to be Guild Leader. 2. Enter your faction's major city - Orgrimmar for the Horde or Stormwind for Alliance
I would say the Prime Minister of Canada being Stephen Harper who is about 6'3. The second tallest would be the President of the United States being Barrack Obama at 6'0.
Of course it's Vladimir Lenin who lead the Russian Revolution. A revolution that took a decaying empire and made it the focus of the world for almost a century. It brought to the
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The world is a big place with many current world leaders. These leaders can and do change at regular intervals. The following is a list of world leaders that is ...
Throughout history there have been many civil rights leaders who have fought for the freedom and equal rights of others. These people often risked their own lives ...
World leaders are mainly identified as leaders of geo-political entities. They include heads of international organizations, chiefs of states and cabinet ministers ...
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