List the Countries Where Marijuana Is Legal?


Every year it seems that there are more countries where marijuana is legal. A list of countries as of 2013 includes Cambodia and North Korea where it is legal. Other countries state that the drug is still illegal but it has been decriminalized. Names of these countries include Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal. In the United Sates, it is illegal on the Federal level but many states have declared it to be legal on the state level, including using it for medicinal purposes.
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In majority of the world marijuana is ILLEGAL-to varying degrees. For example, in most Asian countries mere possession of a minimal amount of marijuana is punishable by life in prison
India, Australia, Netherlands, Norway and Poland have legalized marijuana or made it a Class C's-is-m...
Amsterdam is most popular country for having legalized marijuana.Other countries include Peru & Spain.
Australia - Cannabis laws state by state. Decriminalized in Western Australia & South Australia. Tasmania, Victoria, & Queensland policies involve ticketing for below 50 grams
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