Listerine for Head Lice?


Listerine should not be used for the treatment of head lice. The Listerine product label clearly states that 'Do not administer to children below 12 years of age, in case of accidental (oral) overdose, seek out professional assistance or contact a poison control center immediately.' Listerine is an alcohol-based mouth rinse. This product is not sold as a head lice treatment.
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1. Cover the facial area and ears completely and leave only the hair exposed. Cover the floor and surrounding items or furniture with bags or blankets. 2. Pour Listerine in a spray
Head lice is an infestation of the scalp with lice. Head lice can make the scalp itch so you will need to visit your doctor to receive a treatment to wash out hair out from the lice
If you need to identify head lice, remember you are not necessarily looking for the actual insects themselves. While it is possible you may see one or two of the sesame seed-sized
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You cannot effectively treat head lice with Listerine. If you do not want to use a chemical treatment, you can try tea tree oil. ...
If you suspect you have somehow acquired the notoriously itchy head lice, it is possible to check yourself for them without assistance from others. Find a mirror ...
Denorex for head lice is used by combing out the hair first and putting olive oil over night. In the morning, comb out the hair and wash with it Denorex shampoo. ...
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