What is literary appreciation?


Literary appreciation is regard for and recognition of the utilization of various devices used by authors in the construction of the plot, characters and settings of a story. Literary appreciation is not necessarily a claim to literary knowledge on an expert level. It is simply the ability to demonstrate comprehension and enjoyment of literary material.

In constructing stories, authors utilize devices of two categories. The first is the actual parts of the story. In addition to plot, character and setting, this may include motifs, symbolism, mood and other things. The second is the author's style, or the way in which the story is presented. Aspects of style include tone, metaphor, hyperbole and other style choices. A complete work of literature is the culmination of all of these devices coming together, a bit like building blocks being put together. The ability to detect the sometimes subtle differences from author to author and from work to work is what comprises literary appreciation. Literary appreciation is sometimes easily confused with literary criticism. Literary criticism, however, is the subsequent dialogue or discussion that is generated by a work. This is not to say the two are mutually exclusive. Literary appreciation may be — and frequently is — cited while giving literary criticism.

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