What Is the Relationship between Stylistics and Literary Criticism?


Literary criticism encompasses a complex and changing group of disciplines while Literary stylistics is the study and interpretation of texts from a linguistic perspective. The main difference between literary and stylistic study is that while literary criticism is an orgy of opinion, stylistic analysis is a submission to the work itself.
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Linguistics is the study of the language, literary criticism is the study of literature, and stylistics is study of literature from a linguistics perspective, so it connects linguistics
According to Jared Diamond in his novel Collapse, two ways that
The effectiveness of literary, or stylistic, devices like metaphor and allusion depends upon knowledge the reader brings to reading the text. If my Greek mythology is weak, a Classical
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Literary stylistics and literary criticism are approaches to analyse and evaluate literature. Stylistics refers to the study of style or patterns used in literary and verbal language whereas literary criticism is the practical implication of literary theory. Criticism follows object approach whereas stylistics has got a subjective approach.
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