Does a lithograph have value?


It is completely normal to wonder if a lithograph that you own will have any kind of value at an action or pawn shop. The best way to determine the value is to take it to a professional and have it appraised. They will be able to assess the condition and age, then give you an idea of a price range. You can also ask for that in writing so you have an official record if you decide to sell the lithograph. Quite often people will decide to hold onto the item as it may increase in value over time.
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1. Know how a lithograph is made. A true lithograph is created from a drawing made directly onto a stone or a treated metal plate. The artist draws on the stone or plate with a grease
Lewis & Bond Fine Art has hundreds of such lithograps for sale. They request you call them for current prices. See link below.
The money time value is a principle that says that the of money today is worth more than the money of tomorrow. In other words, whatever $20,000 buys you today, it will buy you less
Signed and numbered Rockwell prints are going for between $2K and $10K according to condition and popularity of the work. For instance, this print is about $2k: NORMAN ROCKWELL SIGNED
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The value of a Norman Rockwell lithograph will depend on certain factors. The condition of the piece is one important factor. Whether it is signed or not is another ...
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