Lithosphere Layers?


The three layers of the lithosphere are the uppermost mantle, the continental crust and the oceanic crust. The oceanic crust is about 5 to 10 kilometers thick. The continental crust consists of mainly light granite and is 20 to 70 kilometers thick. Both the oceanic crust and the continental crust have several tectonic plates that drift on top of the uppermost mantle.
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The. lithosphere. (Ancient Greek. : λίθος [ lithos. for "rocky" and σφαῖρα [ sphaira. for "sphere"
The Earth as five layers: asthenosphere, mantle lithosphere, and three
The crust. The lithosphere is defined as all of the crust and some of the mantle.
The plastic-like layer of the Earth's upper mantle directly below the lithosphere is called the asthenosphere.
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The Earth layer known as the lithosphere consists of the crust and uppermost mantle. There is no solid layer above the lithosphere. ...
The mantle layer of the lithosphere is composed of an upper rock layer. It also is composed of a fluid inner layer. The massive segment of the rock that covers ...
The Inner Core is solid due to the high weight, the shell is obviously solid since this is where we live, and the Lithosphere is another name for the hard or brittle ...
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