Live in Companion for Elderly Person?


A live in companion for an elderly person is ideal if your in a situation where you cannot care for your loved one all the time. When hiring a companion, look for qualities such as patience, empathy, discretion and honesty. It is also important that they can provide transportation for the elderly loved one in case of an emergency. The person you want to hire should also have liability insurance in case they make a mistake.
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1. Analyze your personality to be sure that you have qualities possessed by a successful companion. Kindness, patience, trustworthiness, dependability, problem-solving skills and
1. Define boundaries with everyone. who shares a living space with you, both physical and mental. Don't intrude through these without permission. 2. Learn to accept the person's decisions
probally about a week, month tops.
Hello, I hope you read what you just wrote here. Your mom brought you into this world,fed and clothes you and took care of you,gave you money for whatever you needed it for, maybe
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