Living Things Respond to Their Environment?


There are several ways in which living things can respond to their environment. For example, plants may begin to grow towards a light source if light is scarce in the area.
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rocks grow in caves. The rocks that grow in the cave are made by dripping water. This dripping water started out as rain that fell on the surface.
Stimulus (noun) 1. Something
Because they have to in order to survive and reproduce. Imagine if there is a flood, and water level is higher than an animal that must breathe through its lungs. The animal has to
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Living things are biological structures that respond to changes in the environment or within their own entities. This includes animals, plants, fungi and the single-celled ...
Living things respond to stimuli by having a reaction. Stimuli are the changes in the environment. The ability of living things to respond to stimuli is known ...
A living environment refers to the circumstances surrounding an organism. It includes all the things that affect an organism's survival. The living environment ...
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