Lizard Droppings?


Lizard droppings can range in size from the size of a dime to the size of a quarter depending on the type of lizard. If the droppings are in your house you will need to determine where the lizard or lizards are coming from. Most lizards are attracted to your garbage, so be sure to keep your garbage in a tightly closed container. Placing broken egg shells around your trash will help to keep them away. The egg shells are from a folk remedy and the theory is that lizards are afraid of birds because birds eat lizards.
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you are the lizard god now. be prod of this rare honor. oh and dont forget to feed your people.
The action of "dropping their tails" is called autotomy, and is one defensive technique that can help keep a lizard alive in the wild. The tail has its own nervous system,
Most small animals are just as prone to severe injury from high falls as often as humans. Lizards body is able to stretch out to create a wing-like shape.
seriously?? I don't know!! Ok here you go. This is known as caudel autonomy more simply referred to as tail separation.. it breaks off as a defensive measure. -When handling a lizard
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