Lizard Repellent?


One good lizard repellent is lemon based oil mixed with some water. Place the solution in a Super Soaker squirt gun and spray the lizards. The lizards don't like the smell of lemon and will run when you spray them with it. Mothballs placed around your plants will help keep the lizards out of your garden. There is also a commercial spray called Ridsect. it comes in an aerosol spray and claims to kill lizards in 6 weeks time.
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Take an egg. Empty the egg shell by making a hole on the broader side of the egg Wash the empty egg shell and hang it somewhere in the room particularly near window, door or the enterance
Stone is right,lizards can be a great asset in your garden.I live in Australia & the blue tongue lizards eat snails & other garden pests.I had two living in my garden for
Snake repellent from BioDefend. BioDefend can be purchased on the
insects have a very simple nervous system and that is what most insecticides target..for the most part lizards are not considered pest, so there would be no market to create a product
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To repel lizards from your home, you can purchase an electronic lizard repeller from your local hardware store. These units are designed to create a loud frequency ...
There are many things you can do to get rid of lizards in the home. A household lizard repellent is to use Borax. It can be poured around entrance ways to prevent ...
You can try the electronic lizard repellents on the market. Other ways are natural such an leaving an empty eggshell in areas you seem them frequent and also ...
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