Lizardman Soul Calibur?


Lizardman is one of the main characters in the 'Soul Calibur' fighting game. To get him in Soul Calibur II, you have to beat and defeat the Weapon Master.
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i hear you have to get him in sub-chapter 2 but i havent found sub-chapter 2 so im confused at the moment. Not exactly, you have to beat wp mode including sub-chapter 2 to get him
Lizardman: Beat All Stages of Subchapter 2 in Weapon Master Mode
If its on the xbox Lizardman: Beat Subchapter 2 in Weapon Master Mode once you reach Level 72, then go on to complete WM Mode (Extra) On the ps2 Lizardman: Beat Subchapter 2 in Weapon
Soul Calibur 4 is a fighting game featuring weapon wielding characters. The Bo staff is readily available just by selecting the character Kilik. He is the easiest character to use
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Well in order to unlock Lizardman you must complete sub-chapter 2 in weapon master mode. You will only be able to use Lizardman in two player team battles. The ...
Lizardman is a character in the game Soul Calibur 11. To unlock lizardman, you are required to beat stage 1 of subchapter 2 in Weapon Master Mode. There are other ...
Lizardman is the special character in the ...
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