What Are Adaptations of a Lobster?


Lobsters have many adaptations to help their species survive in the wide open ocean. They have a pair of compound eyes that are made up of tiny lenses. They see really well in dim light, but in bright light they are blinded. They also have Rostrum located under the eyes to protect their eyes when fighting each other. They have claws with teeth to help them crush their prey and to defend themselves against predictors.
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they have a claw to protect its self.
They breath by gills and can prey by their big pliers. Anonymous
by doing it.
how are lobsters adapt to the sea.
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Adaptations of Lobsters
When most people think of lobsters, they probably think of an entree served with warm butter. Lobsters -- bottom-dwelling crustaceans related to crab and shrimp -- live in every ocean and some freshwater and brackish environments. Adaptations like claws,... More »
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