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Locks of love participating salons perform a great community service. Interested individuals should look for the Locks of Love decal usually displayed by participating salons. Many larger hair salon chains are involved in this worthy charity. Find out if your salon offers this service by asking or checking online noting the salon, city and state.
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Owensboro salons.
South Park Hair Salon, which is located at 3808 Southpark Drive
I used to live in peoria, now live in Bloomington. But I got my hair cut at Regis Salons on war memorial and they took it there. I could be wrong but I have been under the impression
Locks of Love’s website does not list the salons that participate in this program anymore, so if anyone had the name’s of salons here in San Francisco that participate
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To donate to the Locks of Love program, you don't have to go to any specific salon, as long as the donation guidelines are followed.
You can tell a salon that participates in the program if they have a Locks of Love decal in their window.
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Locks of Love Salons found in California include Salon Alta, 1881 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA 94117. Phone: 415-504-2582. Another Locks of Love Salon is Gamine ...
There are many salons that do Locks of Love and it all depends on where you live as well. In Massachusetts, there is the Will Charles Salon as well as Trephin ...
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