What are Locks of Love participating salons?


Locks of Love participating salons are the hairstyling salons that support the mission of the charity by acting as agents and donating hair from longer hair cuts, according to the Locks of Love charity. Participating salons offer free haircuts in exchange for the 10 or more inches cut from the client's hair.

Thousands of salons in the United States and Canada support the Locks of Love program by making hair donations and raising awareness about the charity for those who choose to donate in other ways. As per the Locks of Love mission statement, the hair is used to make and provide wigs on a low- or no-cost basis for youth who have suffered long-term hair loss and are at a financial disadvantage. The goal is to repair damaged self esteem and give the child enough confidence to enjoy everyday life, despite the conditions that have caused the hair loss.

Children who suffer from alopecia areata or those who have lost their hair due to burns or medical treatments usually need hair prosthetics, but most wigs are made in adult sizes and are completely unsuitable for small children. Locks of Love provides realistic-looking, properly fitting wigs for children in need.

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Owensboro salons.
South Park Hair Salon, which is located at 3808 Southpark Drive
I used to live in peoria, now live in Bloomington. But I got my hair cut at Regis Salons on war memorial and they took it there. I could be wrong but I have been under the impression
Alchemy Space Salon at 119 West 23rd Street does free cuts for Locks of. Love. donations. The owner, Nercy, is a very creative stylist so you'll be happy with the results (whether
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To donate to the Locks of Love program, you don't have to go to any specific salon, as long as the donation guidelines are followed.
You can tell a salon that participates in the program if they have a Locks of Love decal in their window.
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