How does one log in to Netflix?


Netflix is an online service that gives its members access to watch television shows and movies online. To log in to Netflix you have to enter your email and password. It then gives you the option to go to children's menu or adult.
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1. Type into your web browser's address bar and press "Enter" The Netflix home page will load shortly, displaying the free trial offered to new customers in
To log out of game for the PC you will need to click the "Sign Out" link on the top right
Go to System settings > Memory > Harddrive > Games> Netflix: Delete Member Credentials.
From anywhere on the Netflix site, click your friend's name in the top right hand corner and click sign out.
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To use Netflix, you need to create a log in and pay your monthly fee. Once these beginning steps are taken care of, you then add movies that you wish to see to ...
You can watch Seinfeld episodes online through Netflix. If you don't have an account log on to their site, set up and account and then begin viewing episodes of ...
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