Why Is Logic an Art and a Science?


Logic is an art and a science as it directs the mind to a certain level of clarity. Logic is considered to be an art because ideas are arranged. Logic comes from the Greek word which means 'reason'.
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Logos is Greek for "principle of reason" The study of logic itself has been a science for as long as Western philosophy has been in existence. The application of logic,
Factorie(http://factorie.cs.umass.edu/) is an active and broad project for now. But I find it hard to use it by myself. Embed Quote
Well, logic is fluid. It can change depending on who is participating in the discussion, unlike math, which is finite. There is beauty in the search and proceeds of logic. Hope this
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Dramatic license (also referred to as "poetic license") is any deviation from truth, convention, form, or logic in an art piece for the purpose ...
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