What is logical order?


Logical order is the method in which something is placed or arranged, and some people use this term to help others understand their method of organizing items. Logical order also has a wide variety of synonyms that people use in its place.

Most people use this term when referring to how items should be placed when organizing a space. For example, if a person were places a CD collection in alphabetical order, it is organized according to a type of logical order. Other methods of organization, such as color coding, height or numerical order, are common examples of logical order.

A number of people use other words or synonyms that have the same connotation, such as orderly, structured, arrangement, organization and fixed order. These terms have the same meaning as logical order, but they are recognized terms that most people use on a daily basis.

Mathematical problems are completed in a logical order when a person is trying to determine the answer to the problem. Without completing the work in a specific order, it is nearly impossible to find the right answer. Algebra and geometry problems are great examples of mathematical logical order because they have specific rules for how the answer is to be determined.

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