How do you clean a London Fog coat?


You can clean a London fog coats by sending it to the dry cleaner's. You should never attempt to machine wash it. Otherwise, you may end up spoiling this exquisite coat.
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The London Fog Trench coat is valued as low as $79.90 or as high as
1. Inspect the garment tag on your London Fog coat. This should list the coat's material and washing instructions. Textile Affairs's Guide to Laundry Symbols lists common laundry
Overstock and Amazon have a variety of trench coats for men and women available on their official websites. Local clothing stores in London may have a variety of trench coats for
You cannt buy a replacement. I had my London Fog liner custom made by my tailor who is also my cleaner. Cost, between $50 and $150 depending on the material and complexity. Source
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