Longest at Bat in MLB History?


While Major League Baseball keep records of pitches thrown, statistics were not kept on batters. The MLB has no stats on the longest at bat in history. However, Bill James in his Baseball Historical Abstract has record of Roy Thomas at bat in a game where he was pitched at 29 times, He fouled off 22 pitches, 3 balls and put 1 ball in play.
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Cooperstown does not keep that record one contender involves Hall of Fame
26 pitches to Roy Thomas he fouled off 22 pitches 3 were balls and then the one he put in play.
25 innings, Chicago 7 vs. Milwaukee 6, in 1984 Embed Quote
Roy Thomas would certainly be a contender for holding the world's longest at Bat. He once fouled off twenty-two pitches, bringing the count up 3 to 2.
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