Longitude and Latitude of the Tundra?


The Tundra is an area that includes Greenland, parts of Alaska, northern Canada and northern Russia. The latitude of this range is 75 to 60 degrees north. The Longitude of the Tundra is 156 degrees west, in Barrow, Alaska.
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The Alaskan tundra, or the antarctica tundra? Please specifiy.
Tundra Latitude/Longitude = 71.2o N; 156o
Tundra is not a particular place, it is a type of environment or biome. Source(s) http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/exhibits/bi….
Latitude is the angle from a point of the earths surface to the equatorial plane, measured from the center of the sphere. Longitude is is the angle east or west of a median between
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