What does Longwood Furnace Company do?


According to Sherwood Farm Group, as of 2010, the Longwood Furnace Company is no longer in operation. However, some information about the furnaces that they manufactured is still available. Many of these furnaces are still in operation. The Longwood Furnace Company manufactured wood-burning furnaces that were also dual fuel, meaning they could be operated on fuel oil, natural gas or propane.

According to Sherwood Farm Group, Longwood furnaces were built to accommodate lengths of firewood up to about 5 feet. This unusual design feature was the source for the company's name. The high-efficiency burner on a Longwood Furnace has a heat output of 150,00 BTU according to the company's original marketing literature. The sales price was around $2,500 more than 25 years ago as of 2014, and the cost of installation through a heating contractor was an additional expense.

Longwood Furnace was a small manufacturing company in Missouri that sold its units through conventional dealers. After Longwood went out of business, Joe Dennis, a former salesman for the company, maintained a Longwood furnace-parts company until his death in 2000. His wife and daughter maintained the parts business through internet sales, but that business has also been discontinued as of 2014.

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