Where can I find used Ricoh copiers?

Trying to locate two used ricoh copiers...anyone know of a good place or looking to sell?


Used Ricoh copiers may be purchased at office supply stores that sell used or refurbished copiers. They can be found in brick-and-mortar stores as well as online. Some retailers specialize in refurbished Ricoh copiers.

Ricoh copiers are used in a variety of office settings by those who need printers for business use. Refurbished copiers can save a company money, some costing several thousand dollars less than those purchased new. Models in the lower price range can print between 20-30 pages per minute on average. Mid-priced refurbished Ricohs can print 40-50 pages per minute, and the highest end printers can yield 70-80 pages per minute. The brand has printers that accommodate black-and-white and color print jobs.

Retailers that sell refurbished Ricoh printers offer many of the same customer service benefits as those that sell them new. This includes warranties and shipping options. Items that accompany new appliances such as user manuals, product CDs and drivers are also included in the package.

Used printer dealers often obtain printers that are in almost new condition. They promote this by listing things such as the number of copies the printer has already made. Some used printers do not require refurbishing. For those that do, the company often has technicians on staff to perform maintenance checks and replace old or worn parts.

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