What is the admission price for the Los Angeles Zoo?


As of March 2014, admission to the Los Angeles Zoo is $18 for adults, who are classified as persons over the age of 13. Seniors over the age of 62 are $15. Children between the ages of two and 13 are $13.

For children under the age of 2, there is no admission price. The Los Angeles Zoo also offers a discount to retired and active duty military service members, their spouses and their children. This admission cost does not include food, the retail shop or any specialty attractions. Group discounts are available for those visiting with 15 or more people and must be arranged in advance.

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The prices are as follows: Adults (ages 13 - up) $12, Seniors (age
Admission to the L.A. zoo: Adults (13 and up-$13 Seniors (62 and up)-$10 Children (2-12)-$8 Children (under 2)-free Group discount (15 people or more)-MORE?
Admission prices vary for this zoo, with several group offers also available. Adult tickets are currently $21.99, children can go for $16.99 up to the age of 12, and under - twos
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