Can you use ex-lax to lose weight?


While extreme doses of ex-lax or any laxative may result in weight loss, it is extremely dangerous to do so, according to Psych Central. The weight loss results from starvation by preventing the absorption of any nutrients from consumed food. Use of laxatives for weight loss is classified as bulimia.

Psych Central defines bulimia as any method for purging the body of consumed food. Roughly 70 percent of bulimics induce vomiting, while the remaining 30 percent use laxatives. Either method of elimination puts undue stress on the body, resulting in potentially life-threatening gastrointestinal issues. The laxatives themselves do not cause the weight loss as much as they act to starve the body of nutrients and calories artificially.

Psych Central advises that if one wishes to lose extra weight or maintain a safe body weight, it is best to consult a licensed doctor or nutritionist. Anyone who finds herself resorting to excessive calorie restriction or binge-and-purge techniques to lose or maintain weight must understand that this is very dangerous, even life-threatening. A consultation with a doctor, a nutritionist or a psychiatrist specializing in eating disorders needs to be set up as soon as possible. At the very least, the person needs to discuss the matter with a friend, her parents or someone else who can in turn assist her finding proper help.

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You can lose weight taking ex-lax but it is VERY unhealthy. This answer was edited by zsikder 1749 days ago. Reason: correction.
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