Losing Hair on Legs?


Losing hair on the legs can be caused by several things. These include illness, poor circulation, tight clothing, or certain medications. One should consult a physician if the hair loss is in large patches. This can be especially concerning for men who have hairy legs and suddenly they have places where there is no hair. For women, hair loss on the legs is harder to notice since the majority of women shave their legs all the time.
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Diabetes, lupus and other diseases and fungal infections that disproportionately affect the elderly may cause hair loss. Some diseases and infections that cause hair loss can be easily
leg cancer. your legs will soon turn into tumors. no but seriously i have no idea(and good lord willing i DO NOT wish that on you) but ive been having the same issues, im 25 and im
Because evolution is slow, relatively speaking, it is left over from when we needed it several thousand years ago, when we didn't wear clothes.
well; it all depends on how hairy you are. and also if you have hit puberty.
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