Lost File Cabinet Key?


There are many different types of file cabinet keys, but you can find out which one by determining the prefix or suffix directly on the face of the key lock. By bringing this code to a locksmith, they will get you a replacement for your lost filing cabinet key.
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1. Take one piece of wire and bend it into a "Z" shape using your pliers. This will be your "torque wrench," and will put tension on the lock to turn it when you
Answer If you have the push-in type lock, look on the face of the lock and record the number that is stamped on it and the brand of filing cabinet. Take this info to a locksmith or
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Hello Beti, Depending on the manufacturer and the type of lock there should be a clip holding the current lock in place. Unhook the vertical bar for the cabinet from the back of
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How to Replace Lost File Cabinet Keys
The loss of the security keys for the lock on a file cabinet can interrupt a workday in unexpected ways. Most manufacturers design file cabinets with safety features to prevent bypassing the lock. As a result, key replacement is often the only way to... More »
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