How to Find a Lost Green Card Receipt Number?


Lost receipts can be a problem. You may need to return an item and cannot find the receipt. You may need proof you paid a bill and cannot come up with your receipt. Make a file folder on your desk or area where you pay bills to put all your receipts in for a year's time. This will have them in one location and you can divide and file them once a year.
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1. Call your attorney, if you hired one during the application process. The attorney should have copies of all relevant paperwork, including you application, your medical and residency
Life insurance company form to be signed by a policyholder who wishes to surrender a policy that has been lost. The signed receipt then becomes evidence that the policy is no longer
The Certification of Missing or Lost Receipt, or 'lost receipt form, is a form the AF uses in lieu of receipts when documenting official travel. You have to file this form if you
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If you lost the receipt, you may not be able to get your money back from a money order. In order to get a replacement for a money order from the USPS, you will ...
You can not exchange if you have lost the original receipt. ...
It is generally impossible to get an exchange for lost receipts from most shopping outlets. This is a precautionary measure that seeks to protect a business from ...
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