How to Use Lotus Organizer?


Make a category of names so you can sort your entries by category then enter your appointments, calls to make and tasks to accomplish. Next, link your entries, for example, link a call to the name of the person you are calling in the contact list. You can keep any other information in the notebook section. You can also share your organiser on your network for relevant persons to access.
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1. Establish category names so you can sort your entries by category. For instance, if you want to assign a category to inactive clients, you can print a list of only these clients.
The Lotus Organizer was originally developed by a small British company, called 'Threadz' however afterwards the Lotus Organizer was attained by the Lotus Development Corporation.
See the help about details, but there should be export option in the File menu from within the application. . I hope this helps !
Heres a site with what your looking for:
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