How to Make a Love Potion?


A home made love potion requires you to have a pinch of cinnamon, thyme and an apple. First, collect rain water, slice the apple, thyme and cinnamon and put in a saucepan. Add sea salt then pour rain water into the ingredients. Cook over low heat then simmer for 90 minutes and finally strain in a jar.
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To make a love potion you can brew up this special tea. You'll need a touch of Rosemary, 2 teaspoons of black tea, 3 dashes of thyme & 3 dashes of nutmeg, a few mint leaves, rose
Its that time again. Your child's birthday is here and no clue what to do to make this the special day. If it is a girl how about having a necklace making party. There are many options
1. Have something to color it. Simple water and food coloring will do, but nothing toxic. 2. Remember the code for what potion color means what potion. 3. Get something to carry it
When all attempts to lure a reluctant lover have failed, try a homemade love potion. A love potion's power is in the act of making it. While brewing the ingredients and reciting the
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