Love Songs for Your Boyfriend?


Every relationship needs a soundtrack. What better way to show your love than with a hand-picked playlist for your boyfriend? Trends in music seem to change by the day, and everyone has different tastes, but the greatest love songs speak timeless truths that transcend the bounds of their genre.

Some must-have tunes for your tribute include:
'Crazy in Love' by Beyonce,
'Your Song' by Elton John,
'At Last' by Etta James,
'Crazy for You' by Madonna,
'I Will Always Love You' by Whitney Houston,
'Ain't No Other Man' by Christina Aguilera,
'Let's Stay Together' by Al Green,
'God Only Knows' by the Beach Boys.

Once you've checked off these classics, be sure to include a song or two from some of your boyfriend's favorite artists. Even if their songs aren't as overtly romantic, he'll be touched that you tailored your list just for him. After all, these songs aren't a tribute to love in general, but a unique serenade for your one special guy. Choose your tunes wisely, and you'll be the song he has stuck in his head.
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1. Talk to your boyfriend about your struggles. While your boyfriend's dog may be his life, you may have hidden feelings of jealousy, resentment or confusion. Attempting to talk to
Our Song.Taylor Swift. Baby I love you.Jennifer Lopez. Can't Let Go.Mariah Carey. Somebody Loves You.Crystal Gayle.
1 Tell him that you love him everyday and at random times. Ad 2 Intertwine your fingers with his when you walk together. 3 Cuddle up to him when you're sitting next to each other.
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How to Sing Love Songs
Love is an abstract idea that can't really be explained. Music is a tool that helps convey feelings of love better than words alone can. Sometimes love needs to be sung because music is the language of love.... More »
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