Love Spelled in Different Languages?


Many people are familiar with how love is spelled in different languages. In Spanish, love is spelled amor. To say, 'I love you' in Spanish, one would say 'T' amo'. In French, love is amour. To say 'I love you' in French, one would say 'je t'aime'. In Italian, love is spelled amore. To say 'I love you' in Italian, one would say 'ti amo'. In Russian, love is spelled lyubit?. To say 'I love you' in Russian, one would say 'ya tebya lyublyu'.
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Love in English translates to amore in Italian, to rakkaus in Finnish, to ask in Turkish and szerelem in Hungarian. So many great interpretations of a wonderful word.
1. Say it in German. "Ich Liebe Dich. Pronounce it phonetically. 2. Say it in Italian. "Ti Amo. 3. Say it as if you were Scottish. "Ah loove ye. 4. Say it with sign
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There are many ways to say love. Laska, liefde, rakkaus, amore, amor, meile and many many more. Every language has a word for love. ...
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