What are some love words that start with the letter N?


There are very few words beginning with the letter "n" that describe love. Some words commonly associated with love include nice, neat, natural, near, nation, nine, name, nuptial and noble. The phrases "no love lost" and "nothing without you" also start with "n."

Many of the examples given of words that describe love depend on the way in which one thinks about love. For those who love their country and other various group identities, "nation" may evoke love. Similarly, for the many people who associate natural phenomena with love, "nature" or descriptions of "natural" may be the best way to describe love. Words like "noble," "nice," and "neat" can describe people loving each other. Similarly, the importance someone has is relevant in how someone describes her love for them. It is possible to describe a relationship to a partner with the following phrases: "nothing without [them]," or "no love lost."

Because of the difficulty in finding words that begin with the letter "n" describing love, it is possible to modify other words to make them about love. For example, some words that describe the opposite of love can be modified by adding "non-" to the word: non-aloof, non-heartless, non-dry, non-apathetic and non-disgusted work as descriptions of love.

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Answer 1. Nice. 2. Naughty. 3. Nibble. 4. Norcotic.
A beautiful, loving word starting with the letter 'N' is 'nice.
nothing worthwhile comes hard.
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