Low Beam Headlights Not Working?


There can be a number of reasons why your car's low beam headlights are not working. You will first want to make sure that the bulb is not burned out and also make sure that the fuses are working correctly in the car. The next step is to check the voltage at the light. If not, you will need a wiring diagram for your car so that you can see where the voltage loss is. If a wire has broken away from a connector plate, it is a very easy fix and the lights will be working again.
Q&A Related to "Low Beam Headlights Not Working?"
1. Locate the fuse box. Different makes of cars have the fuse box in different places. Some of the fuse boxes are under the hood, but most of them are on the driver's side, beside
1 Check your fuses. The plastic panel covering the fuses should have a diagram detailing what each fuse covers. If yours is missing, or unlabeled, check your owner's manual, or a
Change the headlight it is burned out. It is also possible that the headlight/turn signal switch on the steering column is burned out. If both of your headlights are new and the low
yea if you have checked all the other thing,s it seems it may the multifunction switch however as parts are pricey best take it to a car electrician it may work out cheaper in the
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