Which cigarettes have the lowest amounts of nicotine?


Light or mild versions of cigarettes contain lower amounts of nicotine. However, according to government agencies like the National Cancer Institute, as stated on About.com, there are no health benefits derived from smoking light cigarettes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that "smokers may get as much or more tar and nicotine from cigarettes with low-yield ratings as from regular cigarettes." Low-yield or light cigarettes include tiny ventilation holes in the filter, which are supposed to allow less nicotine into the system through inhalation. Research shows that smokers unknowingly block these holes with their fingers when holding the cigarette. Therefore, they inhale roughly the same amount of nicotine as if they smoked regular brands.

Some smokers inhale more deeply and longer than they ordinarily would while smoking light cigarettes. They do this to get more nicotine, which also counteracts their efforts to reduce nicotine, notes About.com. Tobacco industry documents reveal that tobacco companies know that customers smoking light brands inhale more per puff.

Some smokers buy menthol cigarettes or brands free of additives because they believe these are safer. According to the CDC, there is no scientific evidence that supports this belief. In addition, changes made to cigarette design by manufacturers over the past 50 years have not reduced health risks to smokers.

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